Miniature Windmill [CB-solar]
風力発電 模型-中
風力発電-模型-CBソーラー-小 風力発電-CBソーラー-バック 風力発電機-CBソーラー横小
 風力発電機模型コントローラー ソーラー発電
Pedestal Controller Solar

A Soothing Wind to Bring up your Consciousness for the Environment.

“Our mind set is necessary when approaching environmental issues.” - Even though one understands so, it is not always easy putting it to act in our busy daily life.
An eco-friendly miniature windmill was made just for such people! This soothing little object has a high-designed compact body with solar charged battery. It is also mutually designed to be free of noise stress.
Perfectly fit as an interior for a residence, the windmill is also an effective tool in producing a fine atmosphere and image for beauty salons, hospitals, company reception areas, organic food restaurants and shops dealing with eco-products. It can also be used for children’s environmental education.
As you watch this eco-friendly miniature windmill spin around, it is likely that you will feel eased, and naturally be conscious of the environment!
Miniature Windmill 【CB-solar】
Our Selling Price: JPY39,000(tax excl.)
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風力発電機の模型 seitusyouzi-fuusyamokei-2007